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About MSB Mastering


MSB Mastering (Most Significant Bit Mastering) was set up by Darrell Walker in Northern Ireland in 2004 as a logical step after having mastered most of Komodo Recordings' and Producer Alwyn Walker's work for several years, along with that of many other studios, producers and artists in Northern Ireland. MSB Mastering is currently located in the heart of Dublin, Ireland, in the same building as Westland Studios.


About Darrell Walker

Darrell started in music as a bass player and studio engineer in Komodo Studios, working with a wide variety of musical styles. Over the years he has also recorded many choirs and groups at various locations across Ireland and has worked as a live sound engineer in Ireland, the UK and internationally, including jobs in France and India.


This wealth of experience provides Darrell with not only a well-developed musical ear and appreciation for the subtle differences between the needs of different musical genres but also a deeply technical understanding of arranging, recording, mixing and the needs of the artists, producers, record labels, radio, digital distribution and duplication plants.


Darrell's approach to mastering & The loudness wars

Darrell: "It is well known that over the last couple of decades music has been mastered louder and louder. This is mainly due to a combination of advances in brickwall-limiting technology and the CD format. Rock bands in particular started to equate loudness with the perceived impact and professionalism of their finished product when played back to back with other bands' CDs.


Thankfully things are changing. As a result of massive volume discrepancies between different albums and songs, digital playback systems and streaming sites (such as iTunes and Spotify) are now buy default "evening out" the volumes of different songs. This is fantastic news for everyone, as the focus swings back to the QUALITY of the sound of the music and not how LOUD it is made in the mastering process. As a member of both and the Pleasurize Music Foundation, MSB Mastering aims to make your music sound good.


LOUDER digital files are not better. They are exhausting to listen to. 


Some genres of music do sound good when limited to make a consistent "wall of sound", but almost all music needs some parts to be quieter than the big choruses or epic outros, otherwise the loud parts don’t sound so loud in comparison. Think of it like typing. Sometimes it helps to use italics or all capitals to make a point, but if all you do is shout all the time, people will tune out. HAVE YOU EVER READ WHOLE PARAGRAPHS LIKE THIS? THEY GET TIRESOME PRETTY QUICKLY."


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